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Maintaining your home is the key to protecting your investment. When your home is running smoothly, all its parts work together to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Windows can be easily overlooked when home maintenance projects arise. In fact, many homeowners fail to focus on their windows until there is a problem. Regularly cleaning and inspecting your windows will help you recognize potential issues before they become disasters. In some cases, window replacement is the best answer and the best investment. When it is time to make the call, Paradise Builders can help.

One of the biggest benefits of replacing the windows of your home is increased energy efficiency. In many cases, new windows reduce heating and cooling costs significantly. As technology moves forward, windows become even more efficient. The older your windows, the more likely you could benefit from window replacement. Proper installation is a must, however, for your windows to be fully efficient.

New windows also increase the security of your home. Old windows often do not open or close properly. In both cases, this is a safety concern. If your windows need paint, show wear, or are warped, you will probably need to replace it. In addition, cracked and broken glass indicates a safety concern. Water could easily find its way into your home and cause the window frame and even wall to rot. This will further weaken the window. In case of an emergency, windows that function correctly could help you safely exit your home. Moving forward with a window replacement will ensure properly functioning windows and the safety of your family.

An aging home can be an eyesore. One way to update your home is by replacing windows. In fact, this is usually the top reason for undertaking a window replacement project. Windows are an investment that will continue to pay off for many years. Homeowners planning on remaining in their home for the long haul will enjoy the benefits of increased energy efficiency, increased security, and updated curb appeal. Some popular choices for updating windows include black windows, clean lines, expansive glass, and sliding or folding glass. Homeowners may consider replacing windows when restoring their home. Instead of purchasing old windows, the original look of the house can be recreated using windows that provide better energy efficiency.

In some cases, window replacement is a must due to window defects. Replacing windows that are old or damaged is non-negotiable. Drafty windows indicate windows that are not functioning correctly in your home. If the glass rattles and you feel noticeable drafts around your windows, it is time to replace them. Warm and cold air is leaking out of your home. You are losing money through your windows. Water pooling around your windows is another sign of needed replacement. Leaks usually occur around the sash or on the frame. It is important to catch this issue before it causes wood rot. Left unchecked, rotted and cracked frames may require far more repair than simply replacing the window. It also leaves your home vulnerable to increased air leaks, water damage, and insect damage. Homes with double or triple pane windows often show condensation between panes. This indicates a leak in the seal between the glass panels. It is usually the result of the frame contracting and expanding. If you notice condensation, your windows are not performing at maximal levels. In some cases, the simple age of the windows can indicate that it is time to replace them. One recommendation suggests windows need to be replaced every ten to fifteen years. Age, however, is not the most important consideration if your windows are working properly. A combination of factors often lead to the need to replace your windows.

If you are concerned about your windows, Paradise Builders can assess your needs and make the recommendations that work best for your home. Replacing your windows will give your home a new life.