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Paradise Builders is a family business started by Brent Lane in 1985. My nephew Justin Lane started in 2016 and has been a vital part of our continued success. Justin now has ownership in the business. Brent Lane started the business in Wichita Falls Texas then moved to Amarillo in 1987. We have been covering the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles ever since. We received national recognition back in 1995 for the work done on the President’s home of West Texas A&M University. We have worked on over 5,000 homes over the past 36 years here in the Amarillo area. We do metal and conventional roofing, along with insulated patio covers and carports. We started a seamless gutter company and started building new houses in 1995, so when it comes to construction, there is not much we have not seen. We are not perfect, but we treat each customer’s house like it was our own. We build metal buildings and do light commercial work as well. We enjoy being able to take care of all of our customers' needs. 

Brent Lane was born in Childress Texas in 1961. Childress is a small community where everyone knows each other. My family was middle class and my parents worked extremely hard to provide for their family. I enjoyed all sports but started riding motorcycles at the age of 7. My brother and I started racing motorcycles in the early 70’s and just had a blast. I learned the game of golf early on as well and it is still a passion of mine. I graduated High School in 1979 and immediately went to work in the construction industry building Lancer mobile homes. After moving to Wichita Falls in 1980, I hired out for an independent oil producer and worked in the oil field for 3 years. I then got an opportunity to sell new cars at Longhorn Chevrolet for 1 year. Val Cervantes and Reno Collins believed in me and with their guidance, I was successful. It was the best thing I ever did, and it changed my life. During this time, I sold a new truck to Randy Bernett. He owned a home improvement business and we really got along well. He invited me to come to work for him and eventually I did. I learned so much from Randy that after just 1 year I was ready to try business for myself; this was January 1985. Back in those days, if you wanted a job, you walked door to door. Doing this I met Rick Neas. I sold him siding for his home, but we became lifelong business partners and the very best of friends. We got the opportunity of a lifetime to build condominiums at Possum Kingdom Lake. We started this project in May 1986. During the construction phase, the economy tanked. Oil fell to ten dollars per barrel and our project stalled. We had to turn the project over to our partners. I then moved to Amarillo in January 1987 and started Paradise Builders Siding and Window Company. Another great experience was when I met Jack Erik. Us, along with 10 railroad partners and my father, started Dynamic Vehicle Safety Systems. Our warning device only picked up railroad trains when you were approaching a railroad crossing. We secured two United States patents. Our system was cost efficient and reliable but got bogged down because of the federal government. Teal Bivins and Marsh Enterprises were our partners, and we came extremely close to signing a deal with 3M. At the last moment they declined the deal. Eventually Bivins/Marsh took over our patents and all ownership and the project stalled. Lots of wonderful experiences helped shape the person I am today. I have been truly blessed. We are currently building a new office and warehouse. We would like to have a place where customers could come by and see all the home improvement products that we currently sell and install. Like a Home Center of sorts. The Texas Panhandle has been exceptionally good for me and we just want to keep servicing this area to the best of our ability. Honesty and integrity will continue to be our guiding light.