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Roofing companies must be prepared to meet any type of roofing need when the call comes. Paradise Builders can answer that call when it comes to any type of roof. Residential roofing, commercial roofing, metal roofing, and roofing repair require specific knowledge and skills. The professionals with Paradise Builders can offer the advice you need when you need it.

Residential roofing requires knowledge for sloped roofs, metal roofs, asphalt shingles, composite shingles, tile, and more. Most homes have a sloped roof. The most common roof covering is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and a warranty with installation. Usually asphalt shingle roofing requires little maintenance and lasts many years. Over time, this type of roofing does suffer from the effects of extreme weather and age. With regular inspection and maintenance, potential problems can be spotted and corrected without having to replace an entire roof. The main types of asphalt shingles are 3-tab and architectural. Architectural shingles are thicker than 3- tab and there are more shapes to choose from, with increased visual appeal thanks to more texture. Shingles that are impact resistant are considered a class 4 product and are designed to withstand high winds and hail damage. Companies specializing in residential roofing can offer assistance in not only installing new roofing systems but also with repairing damaged roofing. Consulting with professionals can save time and money in the long run.

Paradise Builders is also experienced with the needs of commercial roofing projects. Most commercial roofing is low-slope or flat. To protect the building most effectively, the roofing is composed of weatherproof layers. The layers protect the roof from water damage. Once the roofing layers are applied, they are reinforced. Reinforcing the roof makes it stronger and better able to resist punctures and other damage. Finally, the surfacing is added. Surfacing protects the weatherproofing and reinforcement from weather and sunlight. New technology has increased the benefits of surfacing to include fire resistant, hail resistant, and solar reflective benefits.

A type of roofing that is increasing in popularity is metal roofing. The demand for durable, long-lasting roofing options has made metal roofing a more viable option. Metal roofing systems are available that mimic the look of more traditional roofing types. One of the biggest benefits of a metal roof is the fact that it practically never needs to be replaced. It also requires little maintenance. In addition, new metal roofs are fire resistant and energy efficient, and come with a class 4 rating. You can potentially save money on your utility bills while you definitely save money not replacing your roof every twenty years. Professional roofing companies can work with you to determine the long term benefits of installing a metal roof. They are also able to help you determine the best color and style of metal roofing to meet your needs and your budget.

One of the best benefits of a relationship with Paradise Builders is the expertise they offer. After major storms or weather events, a prompt inspection by your roofer can save you thousands of dollars. Yearly inspections can keep your roof healthy and your home safe. One of the most frequent questions a roofing company gets is whether a homeowner should repair or replace their roof. With regular inspections and prompt repair, a roof can last many years. Allowed to go unchecked, a minor issue can destroy your roof. Once you establish a relationship with your roofer, you can plan on honest feedback for any roofing issues you may encounter. Leaks caught quickly can usually be repaired, depending on the age of the roof. Cracked or loose shingles can easily be replaced to prevent further damage. Homeowners sometimes notice roofing issues, but are often in the dark when it comes to making repairs or understanding the seriousness of the damage. Paradise Builders wants to work with you to keep your roof in top notch shape in order to protect your home.

Paradise Builders has the professional staff and knowledge you need to make the best decisions about your home or business roofing needs. From traditional roofing to new metal roofing, the information you need and the advice you desire is at your rooftop with Paradise Builders.