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As the exterior of your home ages, its appearance will begin to deteriorate. Keeping your home’s exterior fresh and up to date can be difficult and expensive. Painting offers a refresh, but it must be done every two or three years. A more long term solution is adding steel or vinyl siding to your home.

Steel or vinyl siding acts as a skin for your home, protecting it from the elements. Before investing in new siding, it is important to inspect your home’s exterior. If you notice fungi growing on your home or gaps in the seams of your old siding, you will most likely need to replace the siding. Other signs of siding showing a need for replacement include dry, cracking, or missing caulking. Boards that have lost their lamination or are no longer attached to you home also indicate your siding needs replaced. If you notice swelling on the exterior of your home, chipped paint, or moisture inside of your home, you will need to move quickly to protect your home from further damage.

New siding not only improves the outward appearance of your home, it also offers improved insulation. Increased energy efficiency of your home means you save money on your bills because your home is better able to maintain consistent temperatures. In some cases, new siding can be installed over old siding. Keep in mind that removing old siding can expose underlying damage that requires repairs before new siding can be installed. If you suspect there is damage under your siding, you should locate and repair it before adding new siding.

Steel and vinyl siding comes in a wide range of colors, making it a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home. Other benefits of these sidings include their ability to withstand high winds and how easy they are to clean. They should be washed with a hose and brush a few times per year to maintain its appearance and color. Power washing is not recommended. Soaps and detergents are not necessary. Instead use a mixture of vinegar and water for the best results. The good news is that steel or vinyl siding will never need painted and over the years has become almost indestructible. Steel and vinyl siding is very economical when you consider its long life, usually between twenty and forty years.

Steel and vinyl siding comes in three general styles, shakes, horizontal and vertical. Shakes are square or rectangular. They are layered to give the impression of layers. Horizontal siding is composed of long, thin pieces that are mounted horizontally across the home. Vertical siding has the appearance of a traditional wood board and batten. In general, the thicker the siding, the better its quality. Keep in mind that vinyl siding is also very eco-friendly. It increases the energy efficiency of your home. There is little to no waste from the manufacturing or installation of vinyl siding. It has a long life and requires few resources for maintenance. It does not release toxins into the environment.

Once you choose to install new siding on your home, it is a job best completed by professionals. It can take several weeks to install correctly and requires special tools. In addition, siding can expand and contract according to the weather. A professional installation will ensure spacing is correct on newly installed siding. Paradise Builders have the expertise to help you choose and install the best siding for your needs. The professional staff can help you select the color and style that will update your home and increase its curb appeal. When it is time to update your exterior, Paradise Builders is ready to work with you.