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The first thing people notice about your home is its exterior. Damaged or unpainted surfaces and old windows can be unsightly and uninviting. Maintaining the exterior of your home not only makes your home friendly and inviting, but also protects your home from further damage. Replacing old and damaged windows is an improvement that offers far reaching benefits. Window replacement is not a simple job. However, professional installation is worth the investment. In the long run, your new windows will be installed correctly in a timely manner without major disruptions to your daily schedule.

Because windows are one of the first things visitors notice about a home, they are a solid investment. Replacing windows can seem like an overwhelming and expensive job which often deters homeowners. It becomes even more important to weigh the benefits of adding new windows.

When new windows are added to a home, its value automatically increases. Windows update your exterior and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Often new windows are more convenient to clean. Many have a tilt in feature that allows homeowners to clean the windows from inside. Older windows often stick and become difficult to open. They may also become loose and easily fall shut. Putting in new windows adds a level of safety to your home. New windows are easier to open and will not fall shut. In addition, new windows offer double locks and even double strength glass. These features make your home easier to secure. Homes located on busy streets or in noisy neighborhoods become more insulated from outdoor sounds when new windows are installed.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of new windows is their ability to increase energy efficiency in your home. New windows not only better insulate a house from outside noise, but also from the effects of Mother Nature. Heating and cooling costs are lowered due to your home’s new ability to maintain a more consistent indoor temperature. When you replace old, drafty windows with new windows, you can also increase the floor space in your home. You can move furniture closer to windows without concern for drafts or leaks. The overall comfort of a home is enhanced when new windows are installed. Homeowners often work to repair windows to decrease the energy loss and draftiness. Unfortunately the long term effects of repairs do not offer the same value as new windows. New windows need less maintenance and usually do not even need to be painted. A final benefit of new windows offer is a clear view of the world around your home. The installation of new windows allows curtains to become mere decoration instead of necessary to help your home maintain a consistent temperature. Older glass windows can become foggy and can be hard to clean. With new windows, homeowners can clearly see the world around them.

Schedule an inspection with a professional to determine the need for and benefits of new windows. Homeowners should have their windows inspected if they are more than twenty years old. An inspector will be able to give options for replacement and an idea of potential energy savings. There are two main types of window installation that will be considered. Pocket installation allows new windows to be installed into the existing frame. If window frames are sealed and in good condition, this option is somewhat less expensive. If window frames are damaged or unable to be repaired, you will need full-frame window installation. The entire window is removed and a new frame, trim, and even insulation are installed. Homeowners changing the size, shape, or style of their windows will have more options with a full-frame installation.

Once you have made the decision to replace your windows, a professional can ensure the job is completed correctly and in a timely manner. Paradise Builders offers professional inspections and installation. The expert staff with Paradise Builders is qualified to help you understand your choices and make the decision that will offer the best return on your investment. If you are ready to update your home, make it more beautiful, and help it become more energy efficient, it is time to contact Paradise Builders. They will work with you to make your home the showplace of your dreams.