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Homeowners understand how quickly water can damage a home. Water is even more devastating because the damage can remain unseen until it becomes severe and difficult to repair. An often overlooked tool that works to protect your home from water damage is a series of gutters. Many times builders leave gutters off of new homes to save money. Homeowners do not realize their importance in protecting their home. Simply adding gutters can prevent potential water damage to a home.

Installing gutters seems like a simple and straightforward job. However, it can be tricky to complete on your own. Seamless gutter systems require special machinery to install properly. For the amount of protection gutters add to the home, the cost is reasonable. Depending on the size of the home, gutters can cost in the neighborhood of $1500 for installation. When professionals complete installation, it should be finished fairly quickly and attractively. In addition to simple gutters, gutter guards can increase the effectiveness of gutters and make them easier to maintain.

The main purpose of a gutter system is to keep a home free of water and the damage it causes. Gutters are placed along the roofline of the home, but they protect the home’s foundation. When water runs off the roof, it can pool around the foundation. As a result, leaks can form in basements and crawl spaces. Pooling water and leaks can cause slab foundations to settle and even crack. In most instances, the ground around a home slopes away from the house. As a home settles, the foundation can sink. Homeowners are usually not aware that they need to refill around the foundation, and the likelihood of water damage increases.

Properly installed gutters work to prevent damage to landscaping and erosion near the foundation. Gutters also keep water from damaging the appearance of the home’s exterior. When water splashes off roofing, dirt and mud splash up onto the siding. In addition to making the home appear dirty, splashing water and mud can lead to more damage. Water splashing against the house can increase the moisture levels in the siding and even lead to rotting. Mold can also grow in areas water comes in contact with the house. Gutters help prevent mold as they direct water away from the home. Water easily finds its way into even small cracks. As a result, cracks widen, mold begins to grow, and freezing water can lead to crumbling bricks and broken siding. Areas of a home that have consistent contact with water become worn. Paint wears away and the exterior is exposed to further damage.

Once homeowners understand the potential damage water can cause around their home, adding gutters becomes a practical and cost effective improvement. Paradise Builders will work with you to add gutters that not only extend the life of your home but also add to its curb appeal. Adding new gutters to the roofline of a home increases the protection for its foundation. Paradise Builders has the expertise to professionally and effectively install gutters. Gutters eliminate hazardous areas around a home from slippery surfaces to pooling water. Paradise Builders wants to help you fully protect your home from the slippery effects of water. They are excited to work with you to keep your home safe and beautiful.